Thursday, August 18, 2011

Late Night DIY

Here is a quick late night DIY! Hubby works nights, so sometimes I am up way to late with nothing to do. I've been going through the girls clothes and trying to make room for back to school shopping. This was a really cute dress Maya had from Justice. It had a big stain, so it was unable to be donated. Since the girls are constantly wanting new outfits for their American Girl dolls...voila!!

I just quickly hand sewed this because I have not set up my sewing machine since we moved into the house. It is not perfect, but I am betting the girls will love it!
I kept it as separates so they could use the tunic alone if they wanted. I can't wait to show them in the morning!!

Summer Days!

Our days are getting busier and busier as the fall approaches. Ugh! I hate to even think of summer's end. I love having the girls home with me, I love the break in schedules and lack of routines. It seems like kids these days are involved in so many activities and I'm finding it hard to fit it all in. We had a two week break when Maya had her tonsils out, but now its back to full fledge craziness. Here are some snapshots of our summer!

I'm trying to remind myself to slow down and enjoy summer!

We've been working real hard on our reading! Maya is loving Bob Books. I think the Bob books are the best learn to read series available.

Cheering practice started and its keeping us very busy! Three nights a week! Phew!

Watching lots and lots of Adventure Time!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Starting over!

Gasp! I am just starting over trying to be healthy. I really can't remember anytime when I've been healthy. I grew up like many others on take out and pre-packaged food. This is something that I really struggle with as a parent. I want to give my children a healthy start in life and it is honestly a daily struggle. My weight recently reached an all time high. As I approach thirty-five I feel like it gets harder to maintain. I weighed myself recently and was depressed to see that I weighed more than when I gave birth to my first daughter. Ugh!! Besides the number on the scale, I was not feeling good at all. I was very tired and feeling burnt out.

Step 1: Stop drinking Coke.
This was the hardest of all health issues for me to conquer. I love my Coca-Cola. Specifically McDonald's fountain coke. I was up to the point of having three large Cokes a day from McDonald's. As my children began to ask for soda more and more, and my health got worse, I knew I had to quit. I did and it was hard, but after the first two weeks I began to notice that I had alot more energy.

Step 2: Get Juiced!
Haha, so this was my crazy husbands initiative. He watched the movie "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead". This is a really great and inspiration documentary about one man's journey to get healthy. The idea behind it is a juice fast. For sixty days, Joe Cross did not eat, but only drank juice made from fresh, whole fruits and veggies. He lost a ton of weight, became much more healthy, and inspired many people. Needless to say, Chris was all jazzed up to go on the juice fast. I am not that extreme, but I'll tell you, the juice is good!! We've only been juicing for a couple days, but I love it. I've always preferred to drink my calories (ie. coke), but now I am drinking something so healthy for me and it is giving me tons of energy.

Step 3: Exercise

I struggle with fitting exercise into my schedule. I always feel better when I do and I notice my stress level goes way down. Today was my first day back and I did what is always so hard for me. The Biggest Loser Cardio Max DVD. That video is hard!! At least for me, haha. I used to do this everyday and got to a point where I could easily do it, but now I am back to square one. I am going to keep trying and hopefully I will get healthier each day.